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According to the 2015 Digital Giving Index, 29% of all of last year’s dollars came in during December.

December 29, 30, and 31 accounted for 11% of the year’s total donations.

The Biggest Giving Day
of the Year? 

No surprise, it’s December 31


If you haven’t yet started your year-end fundraising appeal, Caryn Stein (Vice President, Communications and Content, Network for Good) has written 7 Musts for Last-Minute Nonprofit Fundraising Appeals That Work


Here are some good tips:

Strike on December 30 AND December 31
Giving is spiking this week and will reach the year’s peak on December 31. Your donors will be ready to complete their gifts, so make sure you’re top of mind – and top of inbox – during this window of opportunity.

Make Your Subject Line Do the Heavy Lifting
Remember that your donors are receiving many messages this time of year, so your first job is to stand out and compel them to click your message instead of ignoring it or sending it straight to the trash folder.
Shorter subject lines are better, and headlines that create a curiosity gap – an unanswered question in the donor’s mind – work well. Don’t shy away from reinforcing urgency in your subject line as well.  (In other words, “Donate to our organization” or “We need your help” as a subject line just won’t work)

Take Them Exactly Where You Want Them to Go
One of the biggest mistakes nonprofits make: taking donors to a transition page or anywhere but their online donation page. The more clicks it takes for someone to realize the action you’ve inspired them to take, the more likely they are to bail on you. Include multiple links in your appeal and make sure they all point to your donation page.   No exceptions.

Finally, if you’re really stumped, download the template:

Year-End Appeals for Procrastinators : How to Write a Successful Year-End Appeal with Limited Time.

What’s YOUR favorite year-end fundraising tip?  If you have one, leave your suggestion in the comments. 

Good luck.

Photo source:  5 minutes to midnight by: Markus Grossalber

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Your year-end campaign is probably well underway, and hopefully you’ve got the staff holiday party scheduled, but is your organization ready for 2017?

Gene Takagi and Michele Berger of NEO Law Group discuss 10 tips and ideas to get ready for the next fiscal year. Topics include: what the board should do before rewarding an executive with a year-end bonus; development of next year’s board calendar; the increasing importance of state registrations; and other items to consider or complete before year-end.

Michele Berger is a nonprofit and exempt organizations attorney and a contributor of over 50 published articles on the Nonprofit Law Blog. Now in her fourth year working with NEO Law Group, Michele has assisted clients with nonprofit formation, exemption, charitable registration, property tax exemption, bylaws review, and on various governance matters. Michele has also led seminars for emerging nonprofit leaders, produced short videos on startup issues, and authored articles for The Nonprofit Quarterly.

Gene Takagi is the managing attorney of NEO Law Group and contributing editor of the Nonprofit Law Blog. At NEO, Gene has represented over 500 nonprofit organizations on corporate, tax, and charitable trust law matters. He is a regular contributor to The Nonprofit Quarterly and Nonprofit Radio and has written opinions for The New York Times and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. In 2016, Gene was recognized by the American Bar Association Nonprofit Organizations Committee as Outstanding Nonprofit Lawyer.

This video was produced by Foundation Center West.

Source:  youtube.com/watch?v=v03YFNRs6WY  (31 minutes)

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