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(Jan-Feb 2016 – Vol. 35 No. 1)gfj 2016-0102


  • Starting a Major Gifts Program
    • Kim Klein walks us through the necessary steps to starting a major gifts program, from setting goals to preparing solicitation materials to asking for renewals.
  • Connecting With the Humanity of Our Donors
    • Paul Jolly examines individual and institutional challenges that can get in the way of growing relationships with our supporters.
  • Surveys and Segments: Building Your Major Donor Strategy
    • When Jack Hui Litster first started as Inter Pares’ major gift fundraiser, he was overwhelmed by the size of the donor list. Learn how he and his colleagues used surveys and segmenting to deepen relationships and increase revenue for their organization.

(Winter 2015 – Vol. 22 No. 4)npq 2015 Winter

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Theme: When the Show Must Go On : Nonprofits & Adversity

  • Making the Most of Stakeholder Revolt: The Recapturing of the San Diego Opera and Sweet Briar College
    • This article about stakeholder uprisings looks at how two organizations with very similar situations transformed their modes of governance and engagement with their networks.
  • Staging a Comeback: How the Nonprofit Arts Sector Has Evolved since the Great Recession
    • The arts sector took a huge hit during the recession, and has been slow to recover. Why is this so, and what does it say about the future of artmaking organizations?
  • A City in Remission: Can the “Grand Bargain” Revive Detroit?
    • In this comprehensive analysis of the state of Detroit, Rick Cohen unpacks the city’s past, present and future challenges throught the lens of the “grand bargain”.
  • Saving the August Wilson Center
    • The August Wilson Center seems cursed by a failure to launch, yet has managed so far to stay (barely) afloat. What lies ahead for this troubled organization?
  • Rebirth of a Birth Center
    • Holy Family Services is volunteer-rich, attentive to those it serves, and mission-focused, but it needs a dash of something to remain safe and sustainable.
  • Network as the Form: Reconfiguring Architecture for Humanity
    • When AFH folded, its chapters stepped up to carry the mission forward. Can this newly formed multihub organization maintain its resilience?
  • Why Funding Overhead is Not the Real Issue: The Case to Cover Full Costs
    • This article is a call to arms to nonprofits and funders alike to banish the overhead ratio and embrace the concept of full costs.
  • Movement-Building Opportunities for Change: Perspectives on Criminal Justice Reform Today
    • Based on findings from key interviews with grassroots organizers and national leaders in the criminal justice reform movement, this article describes the state of the movement to end mass incarceration.
  • The Public’s Trust in Nonprofit Organizations: The Role of Relationship Marketing and Management
    • What defines public trust, and how do you restore that trust once it has been damaged? This article identifies core nonprofit-public transactions, offers methods for restoring trust that has been impaired, and includes a guide to managing transactional relationships commonly conducted with the public.

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PrintJust arrived into the Southern Nevada Nonprofit Information Center at the Clark County Library.

NOTE: The Chronicle of Philanthropy is changing to a monthly format as of February, 2015


  • Philanthropy 50 (America’s biggest donors in 2014) (page 6)
  • FUNDRAISING: How nonprofits persuade their boards to spend more on fundraising (page 21)
  • MANAGING: Court ruling on charity tax forms could release flood of new public information (page 32)
  • MANAGING: Feedback movement blossoms (client feedback) (page 27)
  • MANAGING: Nonprofits are conflicted over Obama budget (page 32)

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